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Medical Series >> Easeful® Urine Flow Dynamic Monitor

1¡¢Durable reliability and safety operation.
2¡¢Special designed air compressor provides stable 4hPa~20hPa treatment pressure.
3¡¢Altitude compensation function ensures normal working mode anywhere in the world.
4¡¢Automatic monitoring system allows alarm on accidental power-off.
5¡¢Automatic trigger function for automatic restart after machine stands by.

1¡¢Statistics interval urinary flow
2¡¢Display average urinary flow rate
3¡¢Visit Urine flow history information
     ¡¤visit statisticed interval history information
     ¡¤visit the setted time period of the accumulated £¦#118alue
4¡¢Alarm function
     ¡¤alarm when no urine / oliguria / polyuria
     ¡¤alarm when the bag filled with urine
     ¡¤alarm when battery power less than 30%
     ¡¤alarm when the equipment without hanging bag, or abnormal disconnected AC

Performance parameters
¡¤Display capacity range
  1) interval urine flow maximum display range: 0-9999 ml
  2) the cumulative total urine volume maximum display range: 0-672000 ml
  3) average urinary flow rate maximum display range: 0-4999 ml
¡¤Measuring accuracy : 1 ml
¡¤Measurement error : ¡À5%

Clinical use
¡¤Obtain patient urine displacement information whenever and wherever.
¡¤Effectively manage patients¡¯ body fluid balance.
¡¤Control and manage anesthesia and perfusion flow in extracorporeal circulation operation.
¡¤Guide infusion according to urine flow trend graph.
¡¤Noninvasive detection of renal function, timely and effectively make an assessment of renal injury.

Working Conditions
¡¤Temperature: 5 to 40¡æ
¡¤Relative Humidity: ¡Ü 85 %
¡¤Atmospheric Pressure: 86-106 kPa
¡¤Avoid strong magnetic field and mechanical vibration around the machine

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