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Household Series >> PT-II Magnetic And Heated Therapeutic Device

1¡¢Thanks to the optimized combination of 2 biological effects as magnetic wave and infrared wave into one system, the instrument is different from other treatment methods of using only single effect.
2¡¢The 2 waves function simultaneously generate effective treatment result, as magnetic wave produces micro-electric current to carry out effects on bioelectricity and ion, while infrared wave produces resonance effect and thermal effect.
3¡¢The mutual actions of two waves does not only act on tissues and cells, but also on molecule. It can efficiently remove free radical and algogenic biomass, works on neuro-endocrine medium, activating enzyme and phagocyte function to generate endorphin. By a series of complex biological effects, it can help to diminish exudation, remove inflammation, and accelerate the absorption of inflammatory exudates.
4¡¢The product can help to reduce the risks and degrees of dysuria caused by prostate hyperplasia(BPH) and efficiently alleviate uroschesis symptom by anti-fibrosis, blocking tissue hardening and tubercle for anti-inflammation and pain relieving.
5¡¢Patented low-frequency pulsed magnetic field vertically penetrates the prostate envelope to achieve a complete covering to the prostate.
6¡¢It is a portable instrument with small size and light weight by ergonomic design. It can be operated in anywhere and anytime.
7¡¢It is easy to use, safe and robust. It is non-painful and non-invasive treatment and no adverse reaction. 

Performance Index
¡¤Strength of Magnetic- induction:
  a.average £¦#118alue¡Ý150 mG
  b.maximum £¦#118alue¡Ü800 mG

¡¤Pulse Frequency: (50¡«250)Hz,
  5 degrees adjustable 50Hz¡¢100Hz¡¢ 150Hz¡¢200 Hz¡¢250 Hz

¡¤Timing function:
  Treatment time: Timing range 0¡«60min.
  Step in by 5min£¬timing error¡Ü¡À1min.

¡¤The wavelength range of infrared radiation: 8¦Ìm¡«14¦Ìm
¡¤Strength of infrared radiation: 5 degrees adjustable¢ñ¡¢¢ò¡¢¢ó¡¢¢ô¡¢¢õ

Working Environment
¡¤Temperature: 5¡æ-40¡æ
¡¤Relative Humidity:¡Ü85%
¡¤Power supply:AC(220¡À22V)(50¡À1)Hz
¡¤Atmospheric pressure: (86.0-106.0)kPa

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